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by The World In Cinematic

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released October 10, 2014



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The World In Cinematic Sydney, Australia

Plagued by what some would call a curse, The World In Cinematic have bided their time, waiting for the right moment to launch themselves to the forefront of the Australian metalcore scene.

Entering Electric Sun Studios for the second time in 12 months, they have recorded their first full 6-track EP titled, Chapters.

Chapters is available to stream and download now!
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Track Name: Puppet Masters (Feat. Troy Ware)
I still remember the days growing up. A time where change was a worrying thought but now it’s all I want, it’s all I think we need. I’m sick of watching people constantly give into greed, I’m sick of watching people that always want but don’t need. I’m sick of watching humanity fail, at what cost? We’d sink no further. We’ve faced the depths of these oceans for far too long. Caught between the waves we tend to create in our own minds. Keeping us submerged from the air we were meant to breathe. It’s time to surface. I just want to know how it makes you feel, being on the other side, and does it make you wonder just what’s going on? There is no shame to be had, you are not the one to blame. It was the masses that were told to believe these lies. They were told to believe these lies. It was not your place to fight the gods in the skies, but even gods tend to fall from grace. Damaged, fallen, beat up, broke down, destroyed. By our malice, form and void, we are the reason why the gods now guide our miserable hearts. Meeting us halfway to the underworld. No gods left, only puppet masters.
Track Name: V
Can you hear the screams so powerful in the air tonight? The sounds coming from the dark end of the streets? The sound of the young, the ones who’ve had enough, the people’s voice crying out for change? As the sun sets upon this cruel and vicious world, the underworld moon will rise. Oppression on the people didn’t work so well. Now you’re left with a problem you just cant expel. Oh I’d like to see you try. We are drawn to this beautiful idea that the darkest hour lies just before the dawn. Trapped within yourself there is a goal, there is a passion there. Face yourself and be rid of those fears keeping you back. One life, one chance. One life, one chance. Learn progress and evolve. Free yourself from the slave they made you out to be. Learning from the mistakes of the past so we could write a story into our future. One of hope, one we could be proud of once this revolution is done. Give me your hand. Let’s write this future together. Let’s be the generation whose sparks of hope ignite.
Track Name: Lest We Forget
Lest we forget the men that died for this beautiful world. Now in a time we live with so many spoils. It’s important to acknowledge, what was left for us. The amount of countless lives lost so we could live the way we do now today. The horrors that were endured by these willing men, that flooded into the gates of hell with the intent of a glorious adventure completely unaware of the slaughter that lay ahead. Oh god. Eighteen to twenty two these boys were the same age as me or you. Conscripted into fighting the war. They had no idea they were slowly making their way into a bloodbath, an onslaught, a battleground, a place where the common man is broken. As they approach, they see the distant shores, the distant shores of hell. One by one they fell, one by one. A human being is sent to hell, one by one. So lest we forget, don’t take what you have for granted. So lest we forget, don’t take what you have for granted. So lest we forget, and live the life you were given. Don’t fucking complain in today’s world, you have it easy with all your fucking consumer needs. Reassess your thinking, and be thankful there used to be a generation, worthy of being called men.
Track Name: Consumer
Welcome now to the age of the consumer, a time and place where value has lost its course. The human spirit seems trapped within prison walls you’ve created by trapping your own self belief within yourself when you gave in to greed, and when you were fed fear. When you were all fed fucking fear from the day your lungs opened and you first consumed your breath. You were bathed in terror, failure and fear. Shaping the world with your false ideals. Spreading the sickness of your wants and needs, blind to the destruction of this disease. Embracing the lies before your very eyes. I’m tired of seeing us live where the guilty run free, a system that seems to have lost its way. Why are the most powerful people in the world the ones who stand by and do nothing, while our planet and our people suffer to keep them on their feet? It just doesn’t make any fucking sense. It’s our time to stand up to these spineless leaders and take back what’s rightfully ours. Cowards. Greedy fucking cowards. Always trying to justify their actions with their poisonous words. Constantly covering up their trails of blood in such professional standards. Now just take a good look at yourself. Has that innocence slowly started to fade away? It was taken because you were sculpted into a statue. Lifeless cold, and yet beautiful. Representing what you could have been, the empty case shell of a man who just can’t win. Trapped in a body of stone.
Track Name: Shadow of a Man
Welcome to the darkest part of my mind. A place I never wanted to revisit. A place of horrible consequence dominated by consciousness of pure hate and pessimistic thoughts. But as time went on I slowly started to draw closer towards the forbidden tomb. I tried for so long to keep the demons at bay and I swear I tried my hardest, but somehow along the way I lost control. I found a breach within myself I just couldn’t contain. I’m sorry. Dark lord. He stands before me once again. Slowly but surely, my own mind engulfed in shadow and pain. I must defeat him. I must find a way, I must prevent myself this silent war. I stand ready here once again to battle my enemy till the end, till the end. Until there is resolve, a shadow of a man I will remain. Moments reconsidered, actions, situations. My exposure allows me to define myself. To shape who I will be, not what I was. I have stared my devil in the eyes. I’ve stared my devil in the eyes.