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released June 17, 2013



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The World In Cinematic Sydney, Australia

Plagued by what some would call a curse, The World In Cinematic have bided their time, waiting for the right moment to launch themselves to the forefront of the Australian metalcore scene.

Entering Electric Sun Studios for the second time in 12 months, they have recorded their first full 6-track EP titled, Chapters.

Chapters is available to stream and download now!
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Track Name: Voidwalkers
I remember times long ago / Walking through this city when we had less / Yet things made more sense / In this past tense anyway / Trying to buy respect with worthless currency / One that drove humanity / To see that greed / Pure at heart was not the way / It lead us blind and sent us all to a calling state / One of unity inspired by the same technologies that run this game / In this oh so false world they think they’ve managed to control so well / Chains are breaking moons are changing / Time is passing on / Watch as it carries us away / To a place of unknown hoping for the best / To secure our place in the universe we must pass the test / Wake up from the coma society clearly put you in / And come to terms with what’s in front of your own life / You’re only comfortable in that zone because they never wanted you to think that there was better / Voidwalkers open your eyes, heart and mind / No longer will I walk blind / I’ve chosen the trail I want to walk down / One that lead me to stray from the path / Leaving my comfort zone far behind / To allow for my real journey to begin /
Track Name: Eye of the Storm
Corrupted cities masses praying under greed / The one thing in this world we don’t need / A testament to power / One we don’t see / An illusion enforced on the world but not me / Oh I’ve seen this cause / I’ve seen what it will do to you / Oh I’ve seen these lies / I’ve seen what’s untrue / Oh I’ve seen what lies for me if I choose to fail / Oh how I am proud to say this ship has sailed / And yet I lie here caught in the eye of the storm / Nowhere to go / No choice to make / It’s clear I must pass through this churning force / With everything I’ve come to be / With everything that’s left in me / I chose to push and move forward / To a place I know could exist for me and you / And just step back to enjoy the moment / Forget about heights that just keep us down / With only one chance at this life / I feel the strain as the walls close in around me / There’s got to be more to life than this / Development has always taken time but like a tree once young / I chose to reach for the sky / It’s not too late / This can still be done / The battles you once lost / They can still be won / Don’t fear hate instead use it to your advantage / Motherfuckin’ riot now yeah / Nightmares no more / Wake me up when it’s over / I am just an idea / I am just a dreamer’s crown / I’m a boy trying to fit in / To fit into a cruel man’s world / Where there is no sign of kindness / Where people come so ruthless now / Where I fit in / Where I feel mindless now /
Track Name: Loved, Lost
Days roll on and it’s wearing me down / Memories locked in keep intertwined in the deep / Like a widow’s weave constantly poisoning my mind / With the thought of your life / Your beautiful fucking life / You took it all away / Can’t you see the consequence of your actions / I know that it’s just a nightmare / Suffer plain in pain / No gain / Feel slain and it’s leaving me in fear / Can you feel the destruction lingering in the air tonight? / Captain of your own ship for so many years / How did you sink so fast? / And go so far down? / To a depth in your own mind / You saw no escape from there / You laid imprisoned in a world which had no light / I remember the summer days the beautiful skies / I never noticed any signs / The sunlight that would shine into our lives / It seems that this would never end / My friend I’m sorry I couldn't get you out of hell / Your screams went unheard / Your pain was relentless and yet so elusive / A war was being
waged beneath the surface of this man / How can something so pure turn so dark / Why the fuck are the good ones always first to go? / Tell me do you really believe that we live in a beautiful world? / I watched on as the light escaped your eyes / A boy drowning in his own blood / Tell me do you really believe that we live in a beautiful world? / Trying to keep it in is just as hard as holding the world upon my shoulders / Foundations in my heart were built upon love and yet I stand here with them crumbling away /
Track Name: Natural Disaster
Planet earth oh what a beautiful place this was / Yet now it seems that things have changed / What was once a naturally blooming existence / Has now been poisoned and torn apart / By the very beings she had spawned / Our mother was no match / Our birth what an aftermath was soon to follow / Was soon to be born and raised in this world lead by tyranny / Mother give me clarity / Give me strength to walk through the glade of darkness / Forgive me for not embracing your wisdom / I was not the one to blame for what will come to pass / We no longer worship your degenerate existence / You chose to look out far to save yourselves / And turned a blind eye to the destruction that was so close / What a tragedy / What irony that we have doomed ourselves by ignorance / Your kingdoms will stand for nothing when you awaken the force that lies beneath / You poisoned / You murdered / Finished and buried us all / When you made the choice to turn your blind fucking eyes / We are the only natural distaster / Look what’s left now / Carnage / Now's the time we all woke up / Now's the time we all stood up / Rise in unity and put solitude to shame / Why can’t we just see we are the ones to blame? / Future promises only to delay / What has already started to decay / Our future looks bleak if we don’t make a change / Why can’t we just see that things have to change? / Arms race? / Are you fucking serious? / Isn’t it about time we concentrate on building a future that doesn't involve pulling the trigger of self destruction? / So go on / Sink or swim / But make the choice before the world around you comes crumbling down / With the moral grounds you once stood upon /
Track Name: Paradigm Shift
The still sky painted with the moonlight stars / A peaceful reminder of the days gone by / I look up to the titans above / A force upon a mass which holds no recognition / These juggernauts butcher the very love we held inside / To be abolished forever more / How did this come to be? / How did we let these monsters trample us to the ground? / And let them watch over our most precious lives / I chose to fight / I chose to fight / We are living a false existence / This is not the way life's meant to be / So fucking wake up and open your eyes / And anyone foolish enough to stand in your way / Cull / Ascending beyond flesh and blood / Reconnecting with mission control / We are spirit beings having a human experience / You had to expect casualties / We're all fighting a war / All your good intentions will destroy us all / So just remember you might all be wrong / The mind is easily swayed by entities and energies / Sometimes we can’t even see / So it all starts here again / Welcome to a chapter in your life / Where you’re the one who’s writing all the pages / To be the author of your own progression / Doesn’t it feel good? / To be in control again / Don’t you feel your heart starting to open up? / To the beauty in this world of yours / You made it back but the ghosts of your past are here to welcome you home /
Track Name: Paradise Lost
I’ve already come so far / I can’t look back / I can’t turn back / I’ve set my destiny in solid stone / Anchored to me and yet chose to swim out to sea / To reach reality / One I chose for myself / Laying on the shores of distant reaches / Like an island waiting with her beautiful beaches / Paradise lost